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Restored Confidence in The System.

Citizens are Engaged….Again!

For many years, residents felt disenfranchised; discouraged because City council was not responsive to their concerns about enforcement of our building codes, intensity, congestion, beaches, and environmental protection.

·      Variances proliferated and council rubber stamped most every redevelopment project.

·      When first elected, I spoke out and challenged ‘the process’ of routinely awarding deviations and variances from our building codes for commercial developments.

To energize citizen reengagement, I said two things: ‘I will be your voice. Grade me on my actions, not my words.’

My voting record helped restore a more equitable balance of resident and commercial interests. We eliminated site plan deviations, strengthened the variance approval criteria and brought increased clarity for both residents and developers.

I voted for the citizens’ fundamental right to vote on the Ethics Referendum.

I led the way and fully supported addressing adequate beach parking for our residents by designating spaces for Collier County and City resident permit holders, continuing to provide access to public parking for our residents throughout the City.

My bedrock principles and voting record reflect our city’s core goal: To preserve our small town feel and character. If you will trust me with your vote, I will not let you down. Together we CAN make a difference!



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