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Reformed the Codes:

Moderated Development Intensity

When I was first elected in 2018, awarding deviations and variances from our building codes for commercial development properties was routine. This impacted our environment and the quality of life residents sought to maintain through managed growth and a balance of resident and business interests.

·      There was a disconnect between the residents and City Council. In the Vision Survey residents said loudly ‘enforce the code!’ Council responded with words, but no action.

How do you stop a runaway freight train? With bold action! It was time for City council to make a bold statement.

·      In 2020 I voted with the new Council majority for a temporary moratorium on building height and parking variances within Naples commercial districts.

·      I voted to repeal the Site Plan with Deviations ordinance and replaced it with a new code with much higher variance approval standards. Clear unambiguous language provides clarity for developers and certainly for wary residents.

·      I voted to refocus the CRA budget and spending priorities to the 10th Street corridor and River Park.

·      I voted to hire a top tier urban planning firm to create a unified vision and streetscape for the 10th Street corridor that builds on its heritage, eclectic retail, with design/arts emphasis.

This is a start. A new mind set. In step with resident priorities and values. With your support, I will continue to build consensus on City council to extend these reforms.



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