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Terry Hutchison has formally filed for City Council in the February 2022 Election

Naples Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison Announces City Council Re-election Bid

Second term will again focus on conservation initiatives, building code reform, and resident priorities.

Naples, Florida. June 8, 2021

Today Naples Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison announced that he will seek a second 4-year term for City Council. Last year’s City Council election swept out four incumbents and brought a major realignment at City Hall. Hutchison led the effort to move long-stalled initiatives to fruition.

 He voted for stricter building variance standards that will moderate intense redevelopment.

Accelerated funding for the storm water master plan has been approved. Resident-only beach parking is a reality. Most importantly, Naples citizens are engaged and have renewed confidence in the political process.

Terry Hutchison embodies the City’s vision, character, and community spirit. He is a business leader and a conservationist.  He is known throughout the community for his charitable and civic initiatives.

The hallmarks of Terry’s tenure as a council member are his integrity and commitment.

 Terry Hutchison said: “I am proud to be known as someone who gets things done. I keep my commitments. Grade me on my actions, not my words.”

In the next four years, Hutchison will champion accelerated funding to complete remediation of Naples lakes, beach re-nourishment beginning this fall, and cleaner storm-water outfalls into the bay and gulf. 

He will propose sensible building code revisions to better reflect Naples small town feel. This will also provide clarity and certainty for both residents and developers.

He will support priority investments for the Design District/10th Street/River Park corridor: Long needed Infrastructure and a visionary master plan.

Hutchison said: “Over the last two years we have charted a new and better direction for Naples. We’ve reengaged the citizens and restored confidence that their voices are being heard. That’s what my campaign is all about: Your Voice. Your Values.”

Vice Mayor Hutchison has launched a campaign website where voters can find the latest campaign news and details of his platform: and email:  or contact by cell:  239-771-1042

The election will be held on February 1st, 2022 with three City Council seats under consideration.




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