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Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison challenges City Council to prioritize the following initiatives.  Hear Terry in his own words at the recent August 16, 2021 City Council Workshop.

My platform reflects the values and goals expressed by our residents in the recent Vision Survey.  Our citizens want to preserve their exceptional quality of life; they want their elected officials to protect the environment, manage growth, and find the right balance between commercial and resident interests.

During my tenure on City Council and serving as Vice Mayor of our beautiful City I have worked for the interests of the residents because I share those values.   We can too easily lose what is so special about our town.   These are the key issues necessary for us to address:

  1. Protect our Fragile Environment - Working locally, with the County, and with the State.
  2. Champion Responsible Development – Refine our building codes and update our policies to manage growth and support our Vision.
  3. Balance Commercial and Resident Interests –We can have economic vitality and still preserve the charm and character of our neighborhoods.
  4. Encourage Broad Citizen Engagement –Build transparency and inclusion in our government.
  5. Make our Vision Document and our Citizens values the foundation for our decisions.

To reach these goals we must address the issues that will ensure success.  A cohesive framework must be in place to ensure success.   We must look at the many issues before us and prioritize to get the work done.

Protecting our environment goes hand in hand with responsible development.  We must preserve greenspace by addressing building codes, zoning issues, managing lot coverage, protecting the open space at the Naples Beach Hotel, and carefully planning for redevelopment of the 41/10 Corridor/Design District.  

We must ensure safe mobility but be judicious in the greenspace we remove for added streets, sidewalks and bike lanes.   Effective stormwater codes, controlling fertilizer use and working with the County to eliminate pollution of our bays and rivers while cleaning up our own lakes and beaches is critical.   The City must have a voice at the County and State level to protect our precious natural asset.

On August 16, 2021 City Council returned from summer break.   I called for action on the issues we must address.   We identified the goals in 2020 with the analysis of the City’s Vision Survey complete and began our work. But there is an urgency to protect our City; I asked my fellow Councilmen to identify priorities for the upcoming season and gained consensus from our Mayor and Council on the most pressing issues.    




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