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Meet Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison

A self-made, successful business man from humble beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Terry Hutchison’s story begins in 1961, when he was born to a single mother in Indiana who was forced to give him up for adoption at the tender age of five years-old. Fortunately, Hutchison was adopted by a loving and devout family who instilled in him the values of integrity, loyalty, and perseverance. With a solid foundation in these core values, Hutchison has built a successful career allowing him to make significant contributions to his community, with his wife of 35 years and their loving family.

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Success

Hutchison studied the petroleum industry at Seminole State College before launching his career. The industry shifted in the 1980’s, which is when Hutchison began to rise through the corporate world, eventually being recruited by 7-Eleven where his savvy marketing and management style had demonstrable results. 

In 2008, he was dispatched to southwest Florida to turn around what was an underperforming district. In two years, Hutchison revitalized the market in a first-ever transition from corporate-owned stores, to franchise-owned stores. Following the campaign, the 7-Eleven stores, employed more than 1,000 residents and generated $300 million in annual revenue. The initiative resulted in 7-Eleven rising to the No. 3 spot in Entrepreneur Magazine's 31st Annual Franchise 500 and honoring Terry with its highest honor: Market Manager of the Year.

During this time, Hutchison and his family fell in love with Naples and decided to invest in becoming a full-time resident as well as purchasing and managing numerous 7-Eleven franchises in the region.

Dedicated to Preserving the Charm and Character of Naples

Hutchison and his family were drawn to Naples’ unique, small-town charm and character. They purchased a home in the Lake Park community, where they enjoy the sounds of children playing and families catching up over cook-outs.

Hutchison shares in the community’s concern about the impacts of unbridled growth. As your City Council representative, he will work hard to preserve the unique charm and character of Naples we all value so much.

When elected he will bring his mid-western values of integrity, loyalty, and perseverance to our City governance. Terry's proven and successful 30-year track record demonstrates his commitment to these values and ability to be our community's best steward in the face of many difficult issues facing our City.

Terry Hutchison is the only candidate to publicly support the garage coalition, which stopped developers' attempts to redesign the character of Old Naples at the expense of taxpaying residents.

A Candidate of Integrity and Generosity

Terry has based his entire business and personal career on integrity, honesty and generosity. His stores serve every sector of our society, and he personally spends time in each store, serving and getting to know his customers. He has an unbroken record of business and personal integrity.

As a proud Rotarian, Hutchison is known throughout the community for his meaningful charitable and civic activities.

  • Support for and participation in Rotary Orthopedic Surgeries in Haiti

  • Proud sponsor of the Gulfview Middle School's music program

  • Long-term major support for Habitat for Humanity. Terry and Sherri have already donated $80,000 this year to build a home and just announced a commitment to sponsor an additional home for $62,500!

  • Member of the City of Naples' Presidents Council

Terry can be found on the weekends working side by side with our Residents cleaning up our local beaches. He has dedicated his life to helping, healing, and housing those with real needs locally and globally. Terry truly lives his values on a daily basis.



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