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Elevated Environmental Stewardship

The first line in our new City Vision Statement reads: “The enduring character of Naples reflects our commitment to protect and enhance the natural environment, and to preserve our small town feel and charm.”

·      We are blessed and challenged with a complex ecological system of lakes, rivers, bays, gulf, drainage ponds, beaches, indigenous foliage….all are interdependent and pressured by expansive redevelopment.

·      As elected officials our tenure is short but we have a great responsibility to not only protect the natural beauty but to also elevate Environmental Stewardship.

Naples is a very affluent town with a $150 million annual budget but for too long we have underinvested in environmental projects and remediation. If natural environment is a real priority then we needed to make this a budget priority as well.

Over the past two years, we have begun the realignment of our capital improvement priorities.

·      I voted and City council approved accelerated funding for beach outfall pipe removal and cleaner discharge of storm water in to the gulf. Work will begin on this $30 million project spring, 2022.

·      I led the way and voted for significant new funding for lakes remediation. First priorities are Spring Lake, East Lake and Lake #19.

·      I believe the Athens Group and Four Seasons are the right team to deliver a 5 Star hotel/condo/golf complex on the Naples Beach Hotel parcel. However, I was the solo ‘no vote’ on City council because the agreement had weak environmental protections for only 70 of the 104 acres of open space. I am now working with City council members to shape and approve a Conservation Easement with 3rd Party Enforcement that will protect the maximum acreage in perpetuity. 

If reelected I will continue to lead and support needed spending on future projects to protect the environment. Actions, not just words. That’s a promise.



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